My name is Maxine Dusig, and my goal is to collaborate with you to "enhance the quality of your life."

Life brings us many challenges; be it stress, relationships, grief, depression, trauma and more.  It can be very difficult to bear these burdens alone.

My responsibility is to help you discover and explore issues that you may be facing.  I will provide you with support and guidance through confusing and challenging times.  I will offer you much support and be there for you.

I use an integrative approach, which is tailored to your needs in assisting you to reach a more comfortable and rewarding place in your life.  This will lead to growth, peace and positive outcomes for you and your relationships.  It is extremely helpful for all of us to become more mindful of one's need to grow and experience less of the struggles we may face.

CONFIDENTIALITY: The law protects the confidentiality between the client and the therapist, and information cannot be disclosed without the written permission from you, as the client.

The only exception is if there is a suspicion of child or elder abuse, or a threat of harm to oneself or another.



I provide a safe place to discover deeply meaningful issues in one's life.  I am empathic to whatever difficulties you may be faced with. Some persons are trying to come to terms with childhood trauma, loss of a parent or sibling at a young age.


I have two easily accessible locations. Call Today!

Tel: 310-828-2323